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Mercury square Venus

Missed cues

Kelli Fox

Small misunderstandings between you are common, and though they usually are not a huge deal in themselves, their cumulative effect could add up to a certain level of tension in your relationship. You just don't read each other right; you misread the cues that come your way and end up feeling unappreciated. If there are other challenging aspects between you, this one could make those even more troublesome.

Somehow, a pattern is established in the beginning of your relationship that causes you to hear each other wrong. Picture this: If your lover thinks you never say thanks for gifts or favors, they develop the perception that you take them for granted -- when, all along, you've been thanking them for what they bring to the table, and they just can't seem to hear it. So you're doing what you can to be grateful and appreciative, but your lover can't take in the gratitude, and they end up feeling unappreciated. This is just the kind of situation that happens between you two. What to do? You don't find much common ground to stand on, and whenever one of you makes a move to bridge the gap between you, the other misinterprets the move and the sentiment is lost. Any overall positive bond might just have to rely on other more beneficial aspects that exist between you.

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