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Mercury square South Node

Say what you really think

Kelli Fox

In a past life, you two had a trying relationship. You may have been diametrically opposed, like jailer and jailed, with you being the prisoner and the other person being your jailer. Yikes!

In some way, you had a relationship in which you wanted, needed to speak out, and this person silenced you and penalized you for your opinions. That dynamic will rear its head again in this life. Especially if your relationship becomes a long-term one, you start to notice that you're nervous about expressing yourself fully. It might be that you're afraid of being interrupted or misunderstood, or it might actually be that your lover ridicules your opinions or gets angry when you say what you really think. You might start to feel like speaking up or standing up for yourself is just pointless -- it won't work, you might think, and it'll just cause trouble. Don't give in to mental pressures like that! If you find that it's too hard to express yourself, you might decide that the relationship isn't worth the sacrifice, or the stress. After all, the best romantic relationships make us feel expansive, as if we can be more truly ourselves than ever before. You should try to get your lover to stop before they damage the relationship. Each of you has a right to your own opinion, and using anger or denigration won't make that any less true.

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