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Mercury square Moon

An emotional disconnect

Kelli Fox

Your partner is highly sensitive to you emotionally, but not necessarily in a positive way. Instead of intuiting your moods and responding on a subtle, supportive level, they're more likely to overanalyze every signal they receive from you and end up misinterpreting your emotional cues. This leads to trouble because they never have a fully accurate picture of how you're feeling at any given moment, and they might drive themselves crazy trying to figure it out.

If they have any emotional insecurities when it comes to love relationships, they are brought up by this one. If they're constantly trying to figure out what you're thinking, odds are they draw the more negative conclusions out of simple vulnerability. Furthermore, you both find that you two tend to have different tastes and interests, and you are also different on a purely emotional level. What your partner responds to emotionally leaves you cold. It's extremely important to feel loved in any relationship, but especially a romantic one, and that is hard for the two of you. If you want this bond to last long-term, you have to work at it, and be very conscious of what signals you're sending out and how they're being received. Similarly, you have to strive to love your partner in a way that will satisfy them, rather than in the way that comes most naturally to you.

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