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Mercury sextile South Node

Your intellectual match

Kelli Fox

Intellectually, you two are on a par. You probably noticed it from the first contact -- the conversation flowed, and you both still respect each other's opinions and your right to express them. You are able to talk about anything under the sun, anything that comes up -- even subjects that you might disagree on.

You both simply recognize that disagreements don't matter; what matters is talking about things and getting to know each other for the individuals that you are. You may have known each other in a past life, in which you supported and encouraged each other to speak your minds and to be yourselves, and that old energy is coming out again in this life. You stand up for each other's right to your own opinion. This could get political, especially if either of you has a job that relies on your verbal input or if your relationships with your family or other friends are strained. You help each other to speak up and speak out when it's necessary. You teach each other the power of words, of forming an opinion and representing it. This relationship is all about self-expression, especially if other aspects between you support a communicative and supportive feeling.

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