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Mercury sextile North Node

Mapping your paths

Kelli Fox

The way that you naturally think and communicate is a really big help to your partner in finding the right path into their future. They see you as a great sounding board for their ideas for their career, their interests and hobbies and whatever else they're thinking of pursuing further. They come to you for advice and they always want to hear your perspective on things, because to them, you mare a kind of guide -- a sherpa that will accompany them up the mountain path of their life!

Even when neither of you thinks that you're discussing anything of great importance, your lover is still able to derive good things from hearing you tell your point of view. It might be as simple and profound as you setting a great example for them, for what kind of person they want to be. Your kindness, your intelligence, your thoughtfulness can be quite inspiring to them, and they want to emulate your good qualities. Talking about books, movies, politics, spirituality, even TV shows can be a fun and also beneficial way for you two to connect regularly, and to continue to learn more about each other and yourselves.

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