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Mercury sextile Moon

Positive intuition

Kelli Fox

This aspect smoothes over any other more troubling communication issues that exist between you, because it creates a feeling of intuitive understanding and positive energy. You are able to communicate yourself well to your partner, and you feel genuinely heard by them. When two people have an emotional bond as close as yours is, they tend to affect each other on an emotional level in both good ways and bad -- meaning, when one is feeling down, the other is dragged down too, and so on.

The good thing between you is that, though you do share that intimate bond, you are not likely to pull each other down. The emotional link is close, but you each still maintain your own separate emotional life, so when you're feeling gloomy and pessimistic, your partner is still able to see the sunshine. Better yet, they are able to boost your spirits! This is a gift you give to each other, so it's not likely that one of you has to take the role of cheerleader more often than is fair. In general, you both take an optimistic outlook due to the positive energy that flows between you, and you have some wonderful conversations -- ones that are not necessarily always verbal. Your intuitive connection fills in the gaps!

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