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Mercury sextile Jupiter

An inspired team

Kelli Fox

You have a stimulating, inspiring influence on each other. Your lover helps you expand your mind by bringing brand-new ideas to the table and exploring them with you. You have lively, engaging conversations during which you can discuss everything either of you can dream up, but your values, beliefs and ideas are probably your favorite focus.

And you don't feel the need to merge your opinions in order to get along; you feel perfectly comfortable in being the individual that you are, because you recognize that each of you brings something unique and important to the relationship. You, for example, have a lot of life experience, while your partner has the vision to put that experience to some kind of good use. So don't be afraid to dream big together, especially as your relationship continues to get stronger and stronger, because together, you'll make things happen. You each look out onto a world that seems full of promise and possibility, and the two of you step out hand-in-hand to make all those possibilities turn into real-life. Needless to say, this aspect supports a close and extremely long-term connection. Just make sure that you make the most of this wonderful energy!

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