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Mercury quincunx South Node

Awkward conversations

Kelli Fox

In a past life, you two had a trying relationship, and that old, negative energy almost surely rears its head in this life. In a distant past, in some way, you had a relationship in which it was imperative for you to speak out, but this person silenced you and even penalized you for your opinions. This may have been a religious persecution or a political one, or something more personal, but the dynamic left its mark, and it comes up again between you now in this life.

You start to feel nervous about expressing your true, full opinions. You might feel like your lover interrupts you too much or even out-and-out makes fun of your ideas as being ridiculous or worthless. If you already have problems with low self-esteem and insecurity, this relationship could really do a number on you. Even if you don't, this bond might not last long, unless there are a lot of other more harmonious aspects between you to bring you two more in line. You don't want to put up with this person putting you down. You're smart, and your opinions and perspectives matter. Even when you're wrong about something, you shouldn't be made fun of or otherwise mistreated. Remind yourself of this, whenever this person acts like you're being silly or even stupid. You deserve their respect, and your own.

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