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Mercury quincunx Saturn

Awkward silences

Kelli Fox

Though you might not have noticed the effects of this influence early on, after a while, when you'd gotten to know each other a little bit better, you realized that there's a frustrating feeling to your communication. For some reason, the actual words that you say to your lover are hard for them to hear; there is a veil of misunderstanding that separates you and causes them to mishear you and misinterpret your signals. This probably comes from the fact that, on some level, they try to control your thinking or self-expression.

Are they threatened by the differences in the ways that you think, or by your attitudes toward life that might be really different from theirs? Trying to direct you into being more like them is a natural response on your lover's part, but not a positive one. Attempts at control might happen through annoying interruptions in your conversations, or simple criticism for the ideas and opinions you express. After some time, it might have started to feel like it's not worth the trouble to communicate with this person, because you so often end up feeling misunderstood or limited. If, at any time, you start to notice more awkward silences between you, take it as a sign that your communication is suffering! You have to work hard and work together in order to overcome this obstacle, but improved communication is worth the trouble.

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