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Mercury quincunx Pluto

Threatening differences

Kelli Fox

From the start, you've each wanted to understand what makes the other tick, but you've discovered by now that this is no easy task. You just aren't able to see each other clearly; you grasp at understanding each other's emotional drives and mental makeup, but you've both fallen short of figuring each other out. This aspect creates a subtle incompatibility between what drives each of you, and how you perceive each other.

You try to talk things out normally, but you both become irritated and then angry when you feel misheard or misunderstood, or when you perceive a threat to your own way of living life. Any mental differences between you come across as threats, which isn't a pleasant influence. You tend toward sarcasm with each other, because you don't try to rein in your dismay at the other's ideas or feelings. You may have even started trying to manipulate each other mentally, to force each other to be more the type of person that you can understand. Somehow, you just offend each other without even meaning to or wanting to. How to work around the negative potential of this aspect? For one thing, you have to find a better way to communicate with each other. It's not fair to mistreat someone with sarcasm or derision, just because they say or feel something that you don't understand. You both have to try to control that tendency within yourselves, and to treat each other with respect -- even when you're faced with how very different you are, and how little you truly understand each other.

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