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Mercury quincunx Moon

Clashing perspectives

Kelli Fox

There is an issue between you concerning logic versus emotion. You tend to think and operate on a more logical level, while your lover is more comfortable with feelings -- irrational emotions that have nothing whatsoever to do with logic. This can be a problematic mixture, because each of you expects the other to react in the way that you would react in the same situation, and you're confused and even irritated when that fails to happen.

Logic and emotion are distant cousins at best, and more often than not, you end up looking at each other as strangers. How could this person react with such intense emotion? You think, even as your partner is wondering, How could they be so cold and logical at a time like this? If you want this relationship to work out for both of you, you have to put time and energy into communicating on a level that both of you understand. This might mean stepping outside your own usual way of looking at things, and trying to see things from your lover's perspective -- which can be uncomfortable at best. Intense emotional displays can seem threatening or just dramatic to someone who relies on logic, and logic can seem heartless to a more emotional soul. But anger as a response to this situation won't help anything, and will only make your communication worse. Adjustments are necessary on both your parts to make this work.

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