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Mercury quincunx Mercury

Obstacles to understanding

Kelli Fox

Though this isn't a seriously negative or troublesome influence, it creates some difficulties in your communication from time to time. You feel misunderstood sometimes, or unheard, and it isn't clear why or what to do about it. This isn't a problem that comes up in the early stages of the relationship; it becomes more apparent as time goes on, when you're supposed to have a growing sense of intimacy and understanding together.

Instead you realize there are some blocks to finding that familiarity. You don't necessarily argue a lot as a result of this influence; you simply have a hard time making yourselves heard and understood, and your communication at times could be draining. You might end up feeling like it isn't worth the effort, which will be up to you to decide. If this turns out to be a relationship that you both want to hang on to, you should urge yourselves to make the effort to communicate anyway, even when it's hard -- and also, try to be a good listener. It may be that you unconsciously contribute to your partner's feeling of being misunderstood by stubbornly refusing to hear them. You have to learn to speak the same language in order to make this last. Compromise is necessary, and over time, through concerted effort, you notice that your communication will start to improve.

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