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Mercury opposite Venus

Need to try harder

Kelli Fox

Clear, honest communication is difficult for you two; lots of times, you just don't understand where your lover is coming from. During an argument, for example, you might see them as being overly sensitive and illogical -- not realizing that you're coming across as hardheaded and unfeeling. You often take different positions on any given situation, your partner the emotional side, and you the logical one -- and we all know how hard it can be to reconcile feelings with logic.

That's the task you face together, and it isn't an easy one. This isn't a terribly destructive influence in itself; paired up with other challenging aspects, however, it could spell trouble for your relationship. On its own, it simply means you both have to try harder than you're used to in order to see your partner for the person they really are. You're both projecting all these feelings and ideas onto the other about who they are and what they value, and you are not necessarily correct. You could even be projecting ideas developed early on in the relationship, before you really knew each other at all. There's nothing inherently wrong with either logic or emotion, and if you can find a way for them to work together, they can be much stronger than they would be on their own. That's a good metaphor for the two of you -- if you can figure out how to work together, you'll make a strong bond.

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