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Mercury opposite Uranus

Mental intolerance

Kelli Fox

You try to see things your partner's way and to get along as a couple should, but they just annoy you after a while, unless you can find things to do together that don't rely too much on conversation or agreement. You have completely different ways of thinking about things. You prefer to be more logical, using your mind as the precision tool that it is to seek out logical inconsistencies.

You arrive at your conclusions after a lot of consideration. But that thoughtful approach seems limited or even dull to your partner, who is a lot more comfortable with suppositions and leaps of faith. You may find yourselves arguing, and if either of you tends toward stubbornness, watch out. Nothing can get resolved, because how can emotion or intuition win out over logic, or vice versa? Neither is inherently more correct or reliable than the other, but you both spend plenty of time trying to prove that your point of view is, in fact, the more valid one. Your lover, with their more creative point of view, might make fun of you for being a stick-in-the-mud, just because you like to think things through in a logical way -- which is false, and probably hurts your feelings, and definitely annoys you. But it also annoys them when you treat them as being out-there, unstable and even crazy! Some respect and acceptance is necessary to smooth over this difficult influence.

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