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Mercury opposite Saturn

Criticism of ideas

Kelli Fox

Somehow, your relationship has led to an imbalance in the ways that you communicate with each other. You may be tempted to view your lover as an authority figure or an expert on how to approach life in general, and that misperception may have led to an unhealthy dependence on their ideas. The ways that you think and communicate are limited if you place undue importance on your partner's intellect and input.

Though it's wonderful to look up to each other and respect each other for your minds, that can go overboard. You must both remember that you're equals, and that each of you has valuable insights, ideas and goals to bring to the relationship. Your fears and needs for security are highlighted in this relationship; it may be that idolizing your partner is based on an unconscious desire not to lose them -- if you build them up, surely they'll want to stick around for more adulation, right? Except that just creates an imbalance in the way you communicate and get along. They might criticize and even control you, trying too hard to influence your thinking by pointing out all the weaknesses in your ideas. This, in turn, leads to arguments and hurt feelings. Your self-confidence could wither under this kind of influence. Self-expression and honesty, with yourself and each other, are of utmost importance, but they could be very difficult to achieve in this relationship.

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