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Mercury opposite Neptune

Strive for honesty

Kelli Fox

This aspect can muddy your communication; it influences both of you, but especially your partner, to project a lot of potentially incorrect images onto each other, which can only lead to disappointment. This sweetheart of yours has idealized you from the start, which is actually a positive influence in itself. But the ideals they've concerned themselves with probably had to do with your relationship; their expectations still run high, and they could lose sight of the fact that it's impossible to have the ideal relationship or perfect communication with someone.

And as a result, the communication between the two of you is very far from perfect! At some level, they probably aren't entirely honest with you about themselves or their intentions. This probably isn't out-and-out lying, but more a failure to really tell you who they are, what they're thinking and feeling, and so on, because they might really not know! Their mind doesn't work in the same clear, logical, straightforward way that yours does. They feel their way through life based on impressions, and they can delude themselves pretty easily as to the nature of your relationship and so on. This influence might not be very pronounced, but you can still at least sense its influence. Though you could both think that your communication is wonderful due to that idealistic slant you put on everything, the truth may be more complicated than that.

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