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Mercury opposite Mercury

Opposing points of view

Kelli Fox

Any other difficult aspects that exist between you could be worsened by this one, because it is such a challenge for you to communicate well. You find that you tend to view almost everything from completely opposite angles. At first, this makes things interesting; you want to debate everything under the sun, and if other factors in your chart support this kind of vital energy, you could get quite a sensual boost from your verbal sparring!

But take care as time goes on. You may verge away from the realm of friendly, flirtatious debate and more into actual intellectual challenges, in which you try to defeat each other using such unpleasant tactics as criticism and putting each other down for your differences in opinion. At that point, you stop listening to each other in favor of representing yourself, and that doesn't get you far. You both do well to remember that opinions are just opinions, and everyone's entitled to their own. You could become very stubborn about representing your own point of view, however, and this could end up in a sort of power struggle -- a push-pull between who's right and who's wrong. But what to do when you're both right, in your own way? That is often the case, especially when you're arguing matters of perception rather than fact. Just remember that stubbornness doesn't serve you well; listening and agreeing to disagree, when appropriate, does.

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