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Mercury conjunct Venus

Keeping the love alive

Kelli Fox

What a creative, positive, romantic bond you two share! Each of you brings certain gifts to the relationship, and your gifts complement one another well -- your lover has panache, and you have the vitality to give it form; they're intuitive, while your sense of logic will underscore their creative ideas. Your romantic attraction for each other started out strong and then only increased.

You're the couple that all your friends envy, and you have plenty of friends. You both love an active social life, as it only feeds the exciting, romantic energy that runs like a current between you. This aspect helps you smooth over any rough patches that may occur in your relationship, because you instinctively know when to make a compromise in order to keep things harmonious. Harmony is a focus between you, an ideal that you work hard to attain together. You don't want to argue with each other much, and if you have other more aggressive aspects between you, this one greatly tones down that energy. You strive to be gentle with each other, and to show each other how much you care. And you do so in a variety of ways -- with a special glance or touch, a letter or email that speaks of your love... You are both very creative in the expression of your feelings, and you'll both continue to work hard to keep the love alive.

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