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Mercury conjunct Sun

Flowing conversation

Kelli Fox

From your first contact, the conversation flowed! You share a positive and enthusiastic connection that you both want to explore. You are naturally well-matched when it comes to joking around, expressing yourselves and communicating in general.

You could even share an incredible connection on an intuitive level -- you may find yourself finishing your partner's sentences or they might pick up the phone to call you, only to find that you're already on the line, having just dialed their number. Your partner finds that your communicative bond pushes them to be more creative as well as more self-aware. You encourage and inspire your lover to express themselves more truly, to know themselves more deeply, through getting to know you. As your relationship deepens and grows more intimate, you begin to appreciate just how deep and subtle this connection is. Your understanding of your lover exists on a heart level as well as a mental one. On the surface, you share plenty of interests: You find the same jokes funny and you gravitate toward the same music, films, sports and so on. On a deeper level, your lover feels understood by you as a unique individual. This is a rare connection, so enjoy it -- and don't take it for granted!

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