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Mercury conjunct South Node

A great rapport

Kelli Fox

There has been a feeling of understanding and interest between you right from the start. You talked like old friends straight away, which, in fact, you probably are -- from a past life! You had a wonderful rapport in some relationship from another realm that has carried over into this life.

As a result, in this life, you are really interested in each other's lives and your pasts -- what your former relationships were like, why they didn't work out, what changes you've gone through since then and so on. You go deep, and it's easy together because of this natural rapport that exists between you. You talk a lot about your upbringings, your experiences with love and broken hearts and your theories on your own emotional makeup. You get to know each other fast, and you feel close to each other, as if you know each other inside out. What a wonderful foundation for moving forward into your futures, both as individuals and as a couple! You are able to give each a lot of support and friendship. Even if this relationship doesn't last long-term, you'll both feel as if you're the better for having experienced it. If your romantic connection were to fade out, it wouldn't be out of the question to keep the friendship alive, or at the very least, the friendly feeling that will exist between you from the beginning.

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