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Mercury conjunct North Node

Like minds

Kelli Fox

You two are able to help each other progress along your life paths, just in the very way that you naturally think and communicate. Reading books or enjoying them on tape together is both fun and educational, as is attending classes, lectures or documentary films and discussing them afterward. There is a focus on learning and communicating between you; you both instinctively understand that you have much to teach and reveal to each other.

You also realize that the particular mental energy created between you can be used for a specific and beneficial purpose. Your intellectual and literary ideas are important to both of you, and you two can spend a lot of time thinking about and discussing these issues. You might love sitting around the dinner table, talking about books, or lying in bed and debating your philosophical theories. Whether you recognize it or not, you're both learning about yourselves even as you think you're only listening to the other. There was a familiarity between you from the start, in your conversations and the kinds of ideas you each occupied your minds with - you each realized quickly that you have like minds, and you're instinctively comfortable with each other, even while your interactions spark excitement in both of you. And over time, you'll likely realize that the subjects you've discussed together are even more important than you realized, as they help to form your lives and your paths into the future.

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