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Mercury conjunct Neptune

Developed imaginations

Kelli Fox

The emotional, intuitive connection between you is greatly enhanced by this aspect. When you're together, your creativity is heightened. Your imaginations roam into new territories and after all this time, you two still find new things to discuss!

You should talk about your dreams together, because there's a good chance you, especially, have unique interpretations of your partner's subconscious mind -- and they have some creative interpretations of your thought processes, as well. Your communication isn't all verbal; because of this person's natural attunement to you, you two have a strong psychic bond that helps you understand and connect with each other without even speaking. You can learn as much about each other in the quiet moments as during your conversations about everything under the sun. Because of this high level of psychic connection that runs between you, things aren't always on sturdy ground; you might find that misunderstandings occur because your thinking is muddy when you're together. For your partner, this isn't be a new thing, but you, you're used to clear and logical thinking, and that could be difficult here! As wonderful as that intuitive bond is, you can both misread the signals from time to time -- or pick up on too many conflicting signals at once, and not know which to believe! Deception is possible here, too. Make sure that you don't abuse this mental connection. You should both strive to listen well and communicate clearly with each other. Always be aboveboard in your dealings with each other, and you can experience this influence as a benefit to your relationship.

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