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Mercury conjunct Moon

An intuitive connection

Kelli Fox

Your partner is almost telepathically bonded with you -- they are so tuned in to you emotionally that they almost always know what you're thinking, what your mood is and what you need to feel better. This is wonderful for you, especially if other aspects between you create difficult communication; but there is a downside to being so emotionally linked. You have a big effect on this person, emotionally.

When you're down, they feel down as well -- and then who's going to be the cheerleader to boost both your spirits again? On the more positive side, when you're up, your partner feels lift as well. If they're naturally more sunny-natured than you are, they end up being the one who injects the relationship with a shot of excitement and good humor. You should try not to drag them down; it would be a shame for them to lose that positive outlook. In general, you two work together very well as a result of this aspect. Your minds work in tandem to solve almost any problem that arises between you. You don't always need to communicate verbally, either; your partner has an intuitive connection to you that helps them cut corners in your communication. You, especially, feel well understood in this relationship.

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