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Mercury conjunct Midheaven

Focus on their career

Kelli Fox

Success in the public eye is important to both of you, and you, especially, are able to offer your lover advice about how to achieve that success. Though your involvement is romantic at the beginning, it could extend into a more professional sphere over time, because you really connect on that level. You have lots of ideas about your lover's career, and you know just what they need to achieve their goals and how they should go about doing it.

Brainstorming is one of your fortes as a couple. You help each other with networking by introducing each other to important people in your fields or just by offering behind-the-scenes advice. You might actually have careers in similar fields, which really helps with tailoring the advice you can give each other down to the small and specific details. Even if your careers aren't the same, you still have a lot of commonality when it comes to your ambitions. You're able to offer practical advice that's based on common experience, and you might even become each other's spokesperson in some way -- helping your lover to make the right impression or even speaking for them to other people. Obviously, this aspect lends itself well to a business relationship but doesn't really promote any sense of romance or intimacy between you, so your relationship has to rely on other aspects to promote that kind of feeling.

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