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Mercury conjunct Mars

Friendly debates

Kelli Fox

There is a lot of stimulation in your mental connection! You have great conversations, but they can get rather heated -- your partner constantly tries to best you, interrupting you in order to show off their cleverness and sharp wits. If you can handle that kind of energy, this influence should be a lot of fun!

Friendly debates should prove exciting, unless you allow them to verge into more aggressive territory, which is a real possibility with this influence. If you grew up in a household that encouraged this kind of lively communication, you should be able to handle it just fine; but if you're used to more respectful or sedate conversations, you may find yourself taken by surprise, even at this stage of the relationship -- especially if your partner relies on aggressive arguments to make their point. That kind of energy could make the best of us shrink back! It definitely takes two strong backbones to make this aspect work, because otherwise, you're looking at an ever-growing irritation -- and for what? If you don't find it fun to debate every issue, you might not like the way your conversations go. But this sort of energy definitely lends itself well to your sexual connection. Your lover has a strong attraction to you based in large part on your mental bond. Translation? You could get really into phone sex! Don't forget, you heard it here first.

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