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Mercury conjunct Jupiter


Kelli Fox

You continue to feel hopeful and optimistic for your future. Your partner has a really positive influence on you; they help you expand your mind by bringing brand-new ideas to the table and exploring them with you. You have lively, engaging conversations together, during which you can discuss everything under the sun -- but your values and beliefs are a favorite focus, as is your future.

By now, you've noticed that you each bring something unique and important to the relationship -- you have a lot of life experience, for example, while your partner has the knowledge and wherewithal to put that experience into words, or even to some kind of use. With this kind of positive aspect between you, you could go into business together or launch a creative project, because together, you can dream big! You're also able to ground your dreams in reality, giving them a firm foundation to stand on. Your similar senses of humor helps you both really appreciate all the similarities and complementary differences between you. You fill each other with such a sense of optimism and hope for the future, and when you tackle day-to-day life together, it seems fun, interesting and like a wonderful step toward an even better future together.

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