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Mars trine South Node

Chasing down your dreams

Kelli Fox

You two probably shared an intensely loving, passionate connection in a past life, and you stand a chance of coming together in this one to enjoy more of that intense, positive energy. Just as you did back then, countless lifetimes ago, you now support each other in a big way and help each other to follow your dreams. You adopt each other's passions as your own; whatever it is that you want to accomplish in your life, your partner takes it on as their personal quest to make it happen, and you do the same for them.

If you have a cause that's important to you, your partner get behind it as well, and cheers you on as you make advances toward supporting it. If your partner has a hobby that means a lot to them, you take it up just so that you can share it with them! You both take the relationship seriously, with this influence between you; you see it as a project you're working on together, and you both want to put your time and energy into making it come out as well as possible.

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