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Mars trine Saturn

Complementary talents

Kelli Fox

You're not very similar in the ways that you meet the world, but your differences are complementary, and as you've learned to appreciate them as such, you've developed a dynamic and mutually satisfying relationship. Each of you brings a unique gift to the relationship that can help you both to achieve your goals. You're the idea person -- the energetic partner who's not afraid to take risks, get competitive and get out there to get something done.

Your partner is more into calculated moves that will ensure success. And when you combine these two styles, the least you can expect is greatness. This applies in the bedroom, as well -- you're the exuberant lover who wants to try every position in the book (and even some that aren't in there), and your lover brings their steady hand and calm, studied approach to really take you to a new level of intimacy. Your energy and optimism can help to boost your partner's spirits, as they occasionally tend toward depression or pessimism. Whenever you two successfully appreciate your differences, which likely occurs regularly, you make a great, dynamic team.

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