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Mars trine Midheaven

Adding fuel to their fire

Kelli Fox

Your natural energy and enthusiasm for life is a big boost for this person's reputation or their role in society. If they have a career that requires a lot of time spent networking or just generally impressing the masses, you can bet that sooner or later -- and probably sooner -- you're right there by their side, impressing the world along with them. They're really grateful for your influence in their life.

You support them in their work and their ambitions, and they experience you as a safe harbor, someone they can come to with their worries, their abstract ideas that need grounding, and so on. You've also got a natural competitive streak that emboldens this person to get a little more competitive themselves. You always want to be where the action is, and you can tune your partner in to the possibilities when it comes to finding opportunities and seizing them, and so on. They're impressed by your natural ability to zero in on a possibility and turn it into reality, and you can teach them how to do that for themselves, just by example. But working together is highlighted for you two. You inspire this person in their drive toward success, and you might take them further than they would ever have gone on their own.

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