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Mars trine Mercury

Passionate conversations

Kelli Fox

Getting to know each other was easy. Your conversations flowed from the beginning. The connection between you and your lover is witty and flirtatious, and spurs you to discuss subjects that you had never dared to broach before!

You encourage your lover to be adventurous in their thinking and their self-expression. You egg them on, urging for more. If you end up working together or launching a creative project, this aspect helps tremendously in the spontaneous production of great ideas! It also helps you resolve any disagreements that may come up quickly and easily. Your creativity is stimulated when you're together, and you come up with all kinds of great ideas when you get together. If your lover is normally a quiet type, they can expect to be drawn out through their interaction with you. You share plenty of interests in common, and even the things you disagree on are interesting to both of you -- if only to have a friendly debate about them! This aspect also stimulates your sexual connection, making a strong bridge between the mental and the physical. You could get into some pretty amazing stuff together...so have fun!

Mars trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

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