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Mars trine Mars

A working team

Kelli Fox

As a couple, your combined energies really create something spectacular -- and that could start in the bedroom! You're highly attracted to each other, with a very passionate bond. You express your desires in some very similar ways, so you don't have many chances or reasons to misread each other's signals.

You feel stimulated when you're together, awake, aware, tuned in to all the possibilities that the world has to offer you. For this reason, this wonderful influence doesn't confine itself to the bedroom. You also have a great, energizing effect on each other's work, your relationships with other people, your hobbies -- anything you put your mind to. You might take up a sport or exercise routine together. If so, play on the same team -- you're unbeatable! In the same vein, if you end up working together, you will really get a lot done. It's not that your ideas are always perfectly aligned; it's more that you each come up with your own, individual ideas, and then the other takes them and runs with them. Your instincts just click when you're together and you read each other well, like a couple that's been together for years, even at the very beginning of the relationship.

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