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Mars trine Juno

Meet your match

Kelli Fox

With this aspect between you, you might have found exactly what you've both been looking for for quite some time now -- a person who can give back as good as they get, someone who is your equal on every level! You're both looking for a lover who doesn't lie down like a doormat; you're both turned on by strength and vitality, and even the occasional argument that clears the air and invigorates you. In each other, you just might have met your match!

Your relationship is marked by passion -- sexual and otherwise, though your sexual bond is likely a focal point of the relationship. You both rely on your intimate moments to refuel you when you're feeling low, and you consider the strength of your physical bond to be the bedrock of your relationship. You don't just have great sex in common, though; you also have drives and ambitions that you're able to support in each other, and you love motivating each other and yourselves to push forward and accomplish all the things you've always wanted to do. This is a very action-oriented relationship, and you both love the energy you derive from each other. You both know from the start that this is the kind of person whom you can see yourself marrying -- or at least being with for a very long time, in a committed relationship. Even your arguments spark you up and create a fun reason to make up in style!

Mars trine Juno in the Composite Chart

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