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Mars square Venus

A big reaction

Kelli Fox

The attraction between you runs hot and strong, at least in the beginning. It may be mutual, but it could be somewhat one-sided, with you running hot while your partner tends to run cooler. This kind of mismatch in your energies creates friction between you -- and friction can be very provocative!

Your passions are aroused easily when you're together, but it isn't just your sensual passions being kicked into high gear. You also irritate this person, and a different kind of tension could mar your connection. In fact, they're likely to find you to be rather offensive -- noisy or crass in public, or just tactless whether it's in front of other people or behind closed doors. There might be cultural differences between you, or differences in the way you were each brought up, that cause problems as well. You're not as sociable as your lover, meaning you're less focused on getting along with everyone. You're not afraid of a public argument or tense situations, and you might annoy your lover with your willingness to get into it with their friends. Furthermore, their urge to go out all the time could make you jealous. In some way, you inspire a big reaction in each other -- and it isn't always pretty. A smooth, trouble-free relationship just isn't possible with this aspect firing things up between you. At least the making up after an argument is fun for both of you... But the pattern of fighting, then kissing and making up may wear you both out if other aspects between you don't intervene to cool down all that heat and energy.

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