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Mars square Sun

A turbulent connection

Kelli Fox

Any relationship between you might not last long. Instead, it might erupt in a blaze of passion -- and then die out along with the fires of your emotions. The problem between you is one of mismatched temperaments.

You start out disagreeing on many subjects, and the better you get to know each other, the higher your irritation, especially, climbs. And instead of being calm and honest about the situation -- looking clearly at your lover and at yourself and admitting that this may not be the best relationship for you -- you just jump into the fray, and your partner follows suit. Arguments are frequent, and often are based on the fact that your lover doesn't feel seen or supported by you. Annoyance is almost unavoidable for you; you start to see this person as thoughtless or inconsiderate, and you store up resentment as a result. Okay, this is all sounding rather dire -- so remember that it doesn't have to be this way. If you can both access your most patient, forgiving selves when you're together, you'll be able to find a compromise for any problems that arise. But most people aren't that saintly! We're all driven to some extent by our egos, and our own needs are most important to us. Thus, it's difficult to set our egos aside when confronted with an aggressive energy such as the one that is created by this relationship. Much compromise is needed to make this last.

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