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Mars square Midheaven

Let them be

Kelli Fox

You're both energetic and ambitious people in your own ways, but your energies pull you in different directions from where the other needs to go. You've each set a path for yourselves to achieve your career goals, but this relationship could make that trying. You, especially, want to help your partner out, and you think you've got a lot of great ideas for them to use -- and then your influence and advice falls on deaf ears, or else they're flat-out rejected as inappropriate.

Your feelings could be hurt by this, and you could even feel jealous or resentful that you're not more involved in things. You should both try not to take it personally. You've just got a different approach from your partner's, different ideas about what works and what doesn't. It might even happen that you don't match up with the kind of image your lover tries to portray to the world -- and that is hard to take, for both of you. After all, the way that you are, naturally, has always worked for you up till now, right? Don't fall into the trap of criticism and hurt feelings, or of trying to change yourself to fit a standard that's just not you. Instead, be yourself; learn what you can from this person; and take a step back to allow your lover to do things in their own way.

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