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Mars square Juno

Unsustained passion

Kelli Fox

You might start out thinking that this is the kind of connection you've always wanted. You spark each other up, and your physical bond is hot, hot, hot from the start. You excite each other; it could feel as if you were fated to come together.

Sometimes there's such a thing as too much passion -- vitality that can turn all too easily into volatility. After all, it's that same bright energy that goes into great lovemaking, wonderful, all-night conversations, a really good game of touch football in the park, that also goes into headstrong opinions that lead to an argument. It's all from the same source, right? In this relationship, the two of you too often veer toward the stubborn or argumentative side. After a while, you might stop treating each other with the care that a romantic relationship merits; you start just doing things for yourself, ignoring what your partner needs or wants in favor of your own desires. In the bedroom, this could come out in the form of trying to dominate your lover sexually instead of engaging in making love as two equals with a romantic connection. Not everything in life should be a competition or a display of strength and will, and a relationship definitely shouldn't. It's hard to remind yourself of this in the heat of the moment.

Mars square Juno in the Composite Chart

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