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Mars square Ascendant

Attempts to dominate

Kelli Fox

Control could become an issue between you if you're not careful. When the initial attraction -- which is probably strong, and based on physical attributes -- has passed, that sexual energy could divert itself into something more acrimonious. You could start arguing about anything that comes up, even trivial things.

Consciously or subconsciously, you attempt to use your anger to control your partner. You create problems where there are none; you start to think you're incompatible, even if you've actually got a lot in common! The basic problem of this aspect's influence is that it pits your egos against each other, causing you, especially, to be much more willful and even selfish than you really are. Everything starts to feel like it's got life-or-death importance; you stake your claim and fight for it, not realizing that in most cases, it just doesn't matter. You try your hardest to control what your lover does and wants to do, and their attempts to resist your control only make you more determined. If this starts to happen, take it as a sign that your perception of them and of your relationship has gotten a bit warped. Disagreements about your objectives in life are an indicator that you're taking too much of a personal interest in where your partner's life is leading. If you want the relationship to last in any pleasurable way, you'd do well to abandon any idea of controlling anyone but yourself.

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