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Mars sextile Venus

Sensual support

Kelli Fox

The attraction between you runs sweet and strong! Your natural ability to communicate with each other and to access each other's best selves only increases your appetite for each other. This bond is based on mutual support, but also on your complementary qualities: you bring the energy and enthusiasm to the bedroom, while your partner adds a practical viewpoint to the mix.

That practicality isn't dull, however; on the contrary, your intimate, sensual moments are highly charged and your desire for each other both passionate and vivid. Though your physical, sensual connection is a wonderful bond between you, there is a lot more that draws you together. You have a highly emotional and affectionate bond as well; you find emotional sustenance through your physical connection. This could be the most sexually satisfying relationship that your partner has ever had, and it could be the most emotionally satisfying you've ever experienced. You support each other like friends, you desire each other like lovers and you work together like a real team. The easy paths of communication that run between you should pave the way toward understanding each other and yourselves better and better over time. This aspect supports a long-term relationship, and helps warm up any cooler or more difficult influences between you.

Mars sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

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