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Mars sextile Neptune

A spiritual uplift

Kelli Fox

Your lines of communication are strengthened by this aspect, and the energy that each of you possesses as an individual is brought into the relationship for the greater good. Whereas with other people, you might not understand their deeper feelings or their creative, emotional motivations, with your partner, you're able to give form to their weirder, more abstract ideas. You support each other to a huge degree, emotionally and creatively.

If you believe your relationship is fated in the sense that you two were originally brought together for a specific purpose, you might be right! There's a lot you could both accomplish with this aspect in place. This aspect's influence could lead to a spiritual transformation in you, especially, a move to higher emotional or creative ground -- if you're careful to stay open with your partner. You're able to offer them a lot of energy, enthusiasm and support, but you still have to be careful about keeping the lines of communication open. If you get nervous when you move into uncharted territory together -- when, for example, they present an idea or want to pursue a dream that's very much outside the box -- the newness of it could scare you. But don't be scared! This is a positive influence as long as you trust it. Moving forward together into the creative unknown is likely a positive thing.

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