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Mars sextile Mercury

An enthusiastic exchange

Kelli Fox

The conversation began when you two first hooked up, and it hasn't stopped! You talk about everything under the sun -- your lives, your pasts, your likes and dislikes... You leave no stone unturned in getting to know each other.

Talking and trading ideas is such a big focus between you that there isn't a huge amount of quiet time in your relationship -- there is just be so much to talk about! You stimulate your lover creatively to a high degree; you inspire new and unique ways of thinking in them, and you come up with ideas together that your lover, especially, might never have thought of on their own, especially if they're usually rather quiet or reserved. When you're together, you just draw your partner out to explore all the good feelings that you create together. Even your arguments aren't usually a big deal; you don't fight so much as debate and inspect issues together from all sides, and you come together to the best conclusion. This aspect promotes a foundation of interest and friendship between you that serves your relationship, whether it's short-term or longer. Your sexual connection is stimulated by this aspect, as well. You could get really into blending the physical with the mental (phone sex, perhaps?).

Mars sextile Mercury in the Transit Chart

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