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Mars sextile Mars

Go, team, go

Kelli Fox

This influence is one of combining your energies for the greater good. You're right in tune with each other sexually, for starters! You're quite passionate with each other, and your rhythms are in sync because you instinctively express yourselves in such similar ways.

Fortunately, this energy isn't likely to fade over time. You just feel stimulated when you're around each other -- as if the world is full of limitless possibilities. Thus, this influence extends outside the bedroom and into many other areas of your relationship. You work together toward your goals, whether they're related to your jobs, your personal lives or any other area. You're great at brainstorming together; put you two in the same room and the ideas, and the sparks, fly! So don't let this opportunity pass you by. You have a chance at operating as a true team, so use that positive energy to move your lives forward. You're able to take on any competition that might come up if you meet it together. For this reason, you can work together well on business enterprises or other projects. Sports are your forte as a couple, as well. Physical activity is highlighted between you; joining a softball team together or going rowing or hiking could be a really fun way to spend time together while blowing off steam.

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