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Mars quincunx Uranus

Annoying interactions

Kelli Fox

This creates a tricky, exciting and rather difficult energy between you that could be hard to deal with. You get irritated with your partner on minor levels, over and over, and they get annoyed with you too. As time has gone on, this has happened more and more often until you just react against each other almost without even thinking about it.

It's more the cumulative effect that's bothersome than the individual disagreements themselves. Sexually, you could be somewhat incompatible in a way that is hard to place. Your rhythms are off, and you find it hard to come on to your partner in the face of what looks like their cool detachment. This is likely just a symptom of the deeper issue between you -- this mismatch of energies that can tend toward unpleasant eruptions. This is the kind of aspect that could encourage you to look more at what's wrong between you than at what's right, and there could be a lot that's right about your relationship. Take care not to overlook it if that's the case. Whenever you can tone down your aggressive, argumentative tendencies toward this person, and they can warm up any coolness or detachment in the way that they treat you, that can go a long way toward smoothing out this difficult energy.

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