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Mars quincunx Pluto

Sexual compromise

Kelli Fox

You may find that, sexually, you're rather incompatible. In fact, this incompatibility may extend outside the sexual realm. From the very beginning, you've each felt a strange lack of feeling between you -- as if you were underwhelmed when together, though you both wanted to feel bigger and better sensations.

By now, physically and emotionally, you might just go through the motions together instead of ever feeling anything truly genuine and overwhelming. Your partner tends to derive a lot of emotional sustenance from their sex life, but that doesn't happen easily in this relationship, which is tough for them to handle. Don't misunderstand -- if you get involved and your relationship progresses, you both want to interact on a level that affects you both in a big and satisfying way. But somehow, you keep misdirecting yourselves and eluding each other. Admitting that you're not connecting as well as you'd like to is the first step; the next step is talking openly and honestly about how each of you feels in the relationship, and what you'd like to feel. Compromise is crucial to keeping the relationship going, if that's what you both want -- and it is possible to learn to please each other, physically and emotionally. A closer connection between the two (your bodies and your hearts) will help, and you can make that connection through communication, patience and persistence.

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