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Mars quincunx North Node

Finding your own way

Kelli Fox

Moving forward into your future could be a difficult process for the two of you to accomplish. You want to help your partner find their life path, but that help could actually come out as interference. You're each responsible for your own lives, after all, and for shaping your own futures.

You can't rely on each other to do the hard work for you of figuring out what direction you need to take in life; more than that, you can't try to figure it out for each other. We each have our own journey through life, one that is full of mistakes as well as triumphs and 'happy accidents.' To try to guide someone else along their path is not only controlling, it's presumptuous. What does any of us really know about what another person needs to do to get wherever they're going in life? In this one regard, we should really just focus mainly on ourselves and our own journeys. Whenever you find yourself trying to take too much control over your lover's life path, you have to ask yourself why. Is it that you're afraid that path might lead away from you? There is a risk in any relationship that the two people within it could move apart, but you must trust that your partner's love for you is strong enough to allow them to follow their path and still maintain the partnership. In fact, you both need to learn to let each other follow your own paths with as little 'help' -- or interference -- as possible.

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