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Mars quincunx Midheaven

Take a step back

Kelli Fox

You've both set a path for yourselves to achieve your career goals, but this relationship could make that somewhat trying unless you can figure out how to compromise and make things work. The problem is one of mismatched energies: The way that you assert yourself runs counter to the path that your lover needs to take to reach success in their work and career. You want to help them out with all your great ideas about what they could do to improve their work or their professional situation ...

and then your feelings are hurt when your advice flies right over their head. Don't take it personally; after all, they're their own person. They're doing things their own way, in the best way they know how. What works for you would only make the other uncomfortable, and there's nothing wrong with that. If this relationship is important to you, this shouldn't be a big deal, just an occasional annoyance. As long as you remind yourself to step back and let your lover do things their way, and move toward their success at their own pace, things should be fine.

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