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Mars quincunx Mercury

Unavoidable arguments

Kelli Fox

Though you might have gotten along well in the early stages of your relationship, you find that as time goes on and your bond deepens, there are some basic incompatibilities between you that cause misunderstandings and arguments. In general, you just aren't patient enough with each other and your differences. Differences between two people, the ways that they think and express themselves, are natural and to be expected.

Somehow you two aren't able to tolerate those differences very well. What's more, your lover voices their displeasure with you openly instead of trying to keep it under their hat, which might be the smarter course. You are the more impulsive partner, and your lover is the more calculated and thoughtful one, and each of those dispositions grate on the other's nerves. If you want things to last between you, you just have to accept that you're different people with different methods of meeting the world, and there's nothing wrong with that. You have to accept the frustration of trying to coordinate your efforts, instead of rebelling against it. Being humble and calm instead of reactionary and irritable helps keep things running smoothly. Compromise is definitely key in your relationship.

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