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Mars opposite Uranus

Bitter adversaries

Kelli Fox

This aspect makes it really hard for your relationship to run smoothly. You both probably spend many of your days feeling as if the connection just isn't worth the pain and irritation that comes with it, unless there are plenty of other aspects between you to promote patience, warmth and affection. This aspect makes you feel very impatient with each other, unable to put up with even the smallest of your buttons being pushed.

Your partner constantly asserts their need for independence from you and the relationship, which could make you respond by trying to force some kind of even stronger commitment. Needless to say, this dynamic puts you on opposite sides of the fence. Your partner is really hard to pin down, which makes you irritated, even angry -- and then you can't operate as the team that you're supposed to be when you are a couple, but only as enemies or adversaries. Arguing as much as you two likely do only pushes you farther apart. You may feel like you're looking at every situation that comes up in your relationship as something to win or lose, and neither of you wants to lose. You might resort to any means necessary to come out on top -- which obscures the fact that in a love relationship, there should be no need for winners and losers. This lack of cooperation has been very hard to deal with; you absolutely must continue to focus on honest communication if you want to keep this relationship going strong.

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