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Mars opposite Pluto

Struggling for power

Kelli Fox

This aspect is a difficult one to handle, as it tends to bring up a lot of anger, resistance, rebellion and aggression between you. Even if you're usually very even-tempered, you will be provoked constantly by your partner. You just aren't able to stay calm around them, and at times you get the feeling that they're actually provoking you on purpose -- which could be correct.

The ways that you express your anger at them tends to be overly extreme, because they really push your buttons and bring up deep feelings of anger and resentment. There is a feeling that your partner is trying to challenge you -- and even when that's not happening, you respond as if it is, and that just start the train rolling again. Basically, with this aspect influencing your relationship, power struggles are almost impossible to avoid. So how do you deal with it? The best way to do so would be to stop struggling -- to realize that you have no power over each other, not really, and nor should you. Of course, that would try the patience of a saint! There are lessons to be learned here -- about not allowing your buttons to be pushed; about finding out where all that deep-rooted anger is really coming from -- but they're difficult lessons, and the positive effects are hard-won.

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  1. Abbod on August 30, 2018 at 11:25 am

    i have this aspect with one Co-worker and lots of problem happen between us
    She is falsely accused me in court to make problem and i hope whe will be in prison
    our problem is about Tarnish the reputation to the Authority

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