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Mars opposite Moon

Aggressive connection

Kelli Fox

Your lover's tendency to get really irritated with you is a drag on the entire relationship. The funny thing is, though, that their basic annoyance with you is belied by an extremely strong sexual attraction that flares between you from the very beginning. Your sexual bond may even convince you both that the relationship is worth fighting for, but you both have to understand that fighting for it is literal.

You probably are not able to stop arguing -- except when you're rolling around in bed together, of course. Anger could become the normal way for you two to communicate; your lover stops trying to hide their irritation relatively early on and you both might end up saying things to each other in the heat of the moment that you later really regret. You both feel like you have no control over the things that come out of your mouth. However, while you may not have an effect on each other's behavior, you definitely do control your own. You can break the habit of mistreating your lover if you really put your mind to it. Think about why you push their buttons so much -- whether it's accidental or on purpose. You both just rub each other the wrong way, and you both have to put time and energy into figuring out why that is and how to stop it. Spending all your time making love to avoid the troubles in your relationship isn't the answer, either! Talking it out yields a much better result.

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