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Mars opposite Mars

An aggressive standoff

Kelli Fox

This influence creates a hostile energy that could make the relationship not even worth the trouble. Instead of teammates, you're adversaries in almost everything you undertake together. A couple is supposed to be on the same side, but you naturally take opposing sides on almost any issue.

Whenever you're around each other, you feel excited and touchy, ready to react negatively to anything your partner does or says -- and even to imagined slights. In essence, you're each accessing your own buried anger in this relationship, and visiting it upon each other. Though you might initially have a strong sexual bond, that may burn out fast in the face of the hard feelings that spring up between you. You hardly ever want it at the same time or in the same way, and you probably find it easy to argue about it, because you both have a hard time not taking things personally. When arguments arise, you both get hostile and defensive fast, even if that's not your normal nature. It's hard to relax when you're together, though forcing yourselves to relax and be patient is the only way to get through this difficult influence intact.

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